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Well hello there, so nice of you to visit!  {smile}

My name is Marjan and I'm originally from The Netherlands. My husband is American and together with our two kids,  Miss M. (20) and Master C. (22), we have moved around Sweden, Germany and Sri Lanka through the International School circuit.
Mr. G. used to be a Math/ Physics & Philosophy teacher but is now a full-time administrator. (Head of High School)
Both Master C. and Miss M. are exploring university life, one in Spokane, WA and the other in sunny Los Angeles.

For the past seventeen years we've been living in the States, first in the Mid-West and now in the Seattle area, where my husband is from originally.

I used to be a hairdresser, which explains the red/ pink/ purple  and now grey/blue shock of hair ever present. I also did some indoor painting for friends and even some clients for quite a few years. Right now I love to make stuff, just for fun, nothing too fancy., Knitting, sewing clothes, photography, fiddling around in Photoshop, cross-stitching, thrifting you name it...

Please enjoy my ramblings about all and nothing...

January 2016


  1. love your new dress!! And the front of your house is definitely spooked. Congrats to your running son, see you must just be a late running bloomer. 20 min...fantastic!



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