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This morning I received the call from my friend's husband that she had passed away in the early hours... I am so sad, especially for him and their children, but at the same time I am so relieved that this final stretch of her life was a relatively short one. There are so many outpourings of love and funny stories about her on Facebook, it is just wonderful. That is how we will remember her...

After all the sad news of this past week, I wanted to add some color and life to our lives. It is still extremely early in the season for outdoor flowers, but hopefully these ones will last for a few weeks and give us hope and strength...

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  1. Mijn oprechte medeleven Marjan, met het heengaan van je lieve vriendin! Ook voor haar familie mijn condoleances.
    Veel sterkte en laat alle mooie woorden die je terug kunt lezen, plus de liefdevolle en warme herinneringen aan haar jou tot troost zijn!! Liefs en hug!!

  2. Marjan, ik wens je sterkte toe met het verlies van je vriendin. Koester de mooie herinneringen aan haar.


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