Pumpkins, Cows & The River...

Yesterday, a big Fall storm came through, today we had the calm after: it was glorious! 

Pumpkin picking was on the agenda and that was done first. At this particular farm (just outside our little village) they usually have one or two baby cows on display and we were not disappointed. They were twins, born on 9/11...

We had a great time observing the herd out in the field as well, what funny noises they make while grazing...

Chinook Bend, where we were last week Sunday as well, was just... around the bend... and we strolled around there for a while as well. Last week the river water was super clear, this week the water level had risen dramatically and everything was churning. There was a lovely breeze and some sunshine, just perfect!

The best part of all was of course... Miss M.!!!  {smile}

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  1. You live in a beautiful part of the world!

  2. Heerlijk, wat zal dat genieten zijn geweest!!!


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