Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Crazy Sewing Going On!

I had not one, not two, but three sewing projects going on! Crazy right? 

Unfinished bag...

I started out sewing a messenger bag out the very fabulous 'PTT Post' (former Dutch postal service) fabric that I received from my sister. When Miss M. saw it, she immediately wanted one of her own! Since I didn't have enough of this particular fabric and she didn't want to wait until late September (when my mom will be visiting), we found her some other fun home decor fabric at Joann's yesterday.
I immediately started her bag and finished it this afternoon!

In between all these bags I also made some sleeping shorts out of the softest flannel for Miss M., just for fun...

I will leave you with a macro shot of a moth that I found sitting on the outside of our kitchen window...

PS Oh yes, I also designed a new blog-header and a little welcome sign in the sidebar!  {smile}

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  1. Wow! Die PTT tas is echt fantastisch geworden, krijg je vast veel reactie op!


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