Thanksgiving Morning...

This morning we truly give thanks because it isn't raining!   {big smile}

What an absolutely beautiful sunset we had just now. I quickly ran outside (at 7:30am) to take these pictures...

'Heavenly Bamboo'

I'm always amazed at what beautiful pictures one can take in their own backyard with their slippers on!  {smile}

Have a great day everyone with family and friends and enjoy the calm before the madness...


  1. I so envy you the Thanksgiving, it is such a wonderful thing to celebrate. I hope we will implement it in Sweden too some day. And the sky should be there too! Lovely!
    Agneta kram

  2. Ik geniet eigenlijk alleen maar van de kalmte. Mijn weekend is begonnen... Halleluja! :)

    PS: mooie foto's weer!

  3. We have imported the Hallowwen-holiday from US, so why not the thanksgiving too?
    Have a nice day!
    Kram, Monica


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