Sunday, April 17, 2011

Gone Fishing...

Heat Map
Last Friday Lake Alice got stocked with fresh Rainbow Trout. Guess who was there that same day?

Normally G. does the catch & release thing but to celebrate the first day of the fishing season (for him) he kept these. They are now sitting in a bag of brine in the fridge (seriously grossing out everyone who opens the fridge door except for G. himself of course) and I think he wants to smoke them on our smoker. Not for me, I can't eat anything with that many bones in them...

I do like this however:

Home-Made fruit sauce (apples and pears mainly)
and Scandinavian Blut Wurst. (blood sausage)
G. bought the food strainer at Value Village the other day for $2.50. Online we saw it would have cost him at least $30 new!

Well, the sun is starting to come out so hopefully it will be dry the rest of the day so that G. can finish his major French Drain project. Pictures of the mud to come later...

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  1. Congratulations to Mr G for his catch!
    I hope that you can use them in the cooking in some way...
    Have a nice week!


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