Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Stroll through the Garden...

(Now dormant) vegetable garden, moss covered branch,
Crab Apple Tree, Pulmonaria.

Daffodil and white Lilac Tree.
The sun was shining for two seconds so I quickly ran out to take some Signs of Spring pictures.
The Pulmaria is always the first plant to bloom in our yard so that is a good sign.

That was about it! Not too much going on in the yard yet but it will happen! (right?)

I leave you with a pretty bouquet of red Tulips that I received from my aunt last Sunday...


  1. Heerlijk, lente!! Al is het maar twee minuten! Prachtige Hollandse tulpen Marjan, lovely!!

  2. Wow, spring has already come to you... here it still feels like winter...

  3. Not quite spring yet Viveka but definitely closer than you guys are! ;-)
    I see you've got my sister from Pike Street on your Spring list also: great! :-)


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